rubyworks-ec2 is a collection of Capistrano 2.0 recipes and utilities for automating Ruby on Rails application deployment on Amazon EC2.

At this stage, rubyworks-ec2 serves as a means for getting started with deploying a Rails application onto EC2 quickly. Beyond that, it should be up to the application's administrator to further configure and extend their images and carry out any relevant deployment work.

Latest version is 0.1.4

Invoke cap -T for a list of the rubyworks-ec2 Capistrano tasks.

Detailed documentation coming soon. In the meantime...


gem i rubyworks-ec2 or download from the rubyworks-ec2 RubyForge page.

Older Releases

Older releases are staged on the Nutrun server and can be accessed through the links below, although it is recommended you use the latest from RubyForge.